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Поздравление Министра спорта Российской Федерации Павла Колобкова с наступающим Новым 2019 годом


Юбилей ФГБУ ФНЦ ВНИИФК 85 лет!

Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение Федеральный научный центр Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт физической культуры и спорта отмечает 85-летие.



ФГБУ «Федеральный научный центр физической культуры и спорта» приглашает научные коллективы, осуществляющие деятельность в сфере физической культуры и спорта, принять участие в конкурсе на право реализации перспективных научных проектов в области физической культуры и спорта среди молодых ученых

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Главная \ Журнал ВСН \ Previous issues \ SPORTS SCIENCE BULLETIN No 2/2014


Theory and methodics of elite sports

Gursky A.V., Demko N.A., Biomechanical modeling of optimal component ratio of skiers`movement speed of different levels qualification 3

Krylova V.M. Material and technical maintenance of elite sport 9

Landa B.H. Metodic material on calculation of handling capacity for sports facilities 14

Motokhin A.M., Smaragdov I.A. Changes in team medal count in Winter Olympics during from 1968 – 2010 period 19

Fedotov K.V. Model features in training process skating various qualifications as criteria of preparedness for competitive activities 25

Theory and methods of youth sport

Fedyaev N.A. Experimental investigation of individual technical actions in young judo wrestlers 28

Biomedical aspects in sport

Korolkov A.N. Ultradies productivity rhythms in golf 34

Ponomareva A.G., Tsarev V.N., Kostyuk Z.M., Krivoshchapov M.V. Investigation of dental pathology specific in athletes of different sports 38

Shirkovets E.A. Dynamics of biopower indicators during the work at the level of the maximum oxygen consumption 41

Mass physical training and improvement of the population

Gorelov A.A., Kondakov V.L., Sushchenko V.P. To the problem of new sports and health-improving technologies systematization in educational space of modern higher education institution 45

Pavlova A.S., Lifanov A.D., Zenukov I.A. Modernazation of the lessons on phiysical culture in high school based on personally oriented content of education process 51

Perova E.I., Kurentsov V.A., Golubeva V.P., Egorycheva Je.V. Physical state and readiness of student’s youth for implementation of standards of the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex GTO 2014 year 55

Khompodoeva M.V., Borohin M.I. Current state of terminology in national kind of sports and the ways for its improvement 61

Wang Zhen Zhou, Melnikova N.Yu. Influence of Games of XXIX Olympiad on involving the population of the People's Republic of China in sport and physical education 64

Works of young scientists

Kuznetsov R.R. Efficiency of circular training in the course of training in game techniques at the young athletes who are engaged in mini-soccer 68

Information letter 71

Information about authors 73


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