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ФНЦ ВНИИФК принял участие в работе Гайдаровского Форума-2018

Генеральный директора ФГБУ «Федеральный научный центр физической культуры и спорта» Елена Яшина приняла участие в Пленарном заседании Гайдаровского Форума, состоявшегося в Москве в период с 16 по 18 января 2018 года.


В ФНЦ ВНИИФК состоится семинар-совещание для руководителей в области физической культуры и спорта

Участие в мероприятии примут руководители и специалисты учреждений в области физической культуры и спорта, специалисты в области здорового питания из ФГБУ ФНЦ имени И.В. Мичурина, а также представители экспертного сообщества.


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Главная \ Журнал ВСН \ Previous issues \ SPORTS SCIENCE BULLETIN No 2/2016


Theory and methodic of elite sports

Bleer A.N., Skotnikova A.V. Competitiveness of sports experts in the conditions of globalization: course towards predictive education 3

Voronov A.V., Tarasova L.V. Estimation of special working ability in elite athletes of speed-strength and endurance sports 10

Kotchenko Y.V. Systematical research of parameters influencing on sports result in climbing 14

Slobodyanyuk N.V. Approaches towards improvement and financing of university sports club 17

Tabakov A.I., Konovalov V.N. The indicators of athletes’ statokinetic stability of different qualifications, specializing in circular kinds with primary demonstration of speed and endurance 22

Theory and methodic of children and youth sports

Bulgakova N.Zh., Popov O.I., Smirnov V.V., Fomiсhenko T.G., Shakina E.E. Multiyear special preparedness dynamics of girl swimmers at ages 11–15 years old 27

Naboychenko E.S., Legchinova S.N., Korelina E.V. Increase of level of special readiness of students football players due to expansion of variability of technical and tactical actions 31

Biomedical aspects in sport

Potolitsyna N.N., Bojko E.R., Nutrikhin A.V. Comparative analysis of metabolites and cortisol levels in cross-country skiers after the competition: from sprint to marathon 36

Rodin A.V. Biomechanics of individual technical and tactical actions of athletes in game sports 41

Shirkovets E.A. Efficiency of energy consumption in relation to training direction in middle- and long-distance running 44

Mass physical training and improvement of population

Evseev S.P., Abalyan A.G. Sport as a factor of self-actualization and quality of life in persons with disabilities 49

Korzhenevskiy A.N, Korzhenevskaya E.I. Kolokatova L.F., Vorob’ev A.A., Gershun G.S., Tikhomirov Yu.V. Body functionality of the modern student 52

Works of young scientists

Ramza A.G., Sorokolit Y.L., Zankovets V.E. Influence of CNS functional state on coordination abilities of athletes by the example of leading Belarusian Ice Hockey Club members 55

Information about authors 61


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