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Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение Федеральный научный центр Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт физической культуры и спорта отмечает 85-летие.



ФГБУ «Федеральный научный центр физической культуры и спорта» приглашает научные коллективы, осуществляющие деятельность в сфере физической культуры и спорта, принять участие в конкурсе на право реализации перспективных научных проектов в области физической культуры и спорта среди молодых ученых



4 сентября 2018, Москва – В ФНЦ ВНИИФК в торжественной обстановке вручили дипломы о профессиональной переподготовке участникам программ по направлениям «Теория и методика физической культуры и спорта. Тренер-преподаватель по виду спорта».

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Главная \ Журнал ВСН \ Previous issues \ SPORTS SCIENCE BULLETIN No 5/2017


Theory and methodic of elite sport

Vasil’ev G.F., Novikov A.A., Tiunova O.V. Competitive activity as a basis for planning individual training of combat athletes 3

Generalov A.V., Evseev A.S., Petukhov R., Knutov A. Per capita financing in the field of physical culture and sports 8

Kazikov I.B. Modern system for forming the Olympic team of the country and management of the team in the period of its stay at Olympic Games 14

Timoshina A.N, Karlina Y.I., Shustin B.N., Aranson M.V. Conceptual approach to planning the training of the sports team of the country on the Olympic sports 20

Theory and methodic of children and youth sport

Timakova T.S. Kulagina Yu.B., Shilina I.A. Analysis of the state of NMO in organizations responsible for the preparation of the sports reserve in the country 23

Biomedical aspects in sport

Abramova T.F., Nikitina T.M, Kochetkova N.I., Buchina E.V., Yakutovich N.M., Malkin R.V., Mingazova D.V. Interrelation of the indices of physical readiness and the sport result in rowers 28

Tarasova L.V., Yashina E.R., Abramova T.F. Dynamics of indexes of external respiration in elite bullet and stand shooting athletes 37

Mass physical training and improvement of the population

Zyurin E.A., Masyagina N.V., Kurentsov V.A., Bobkova E.N. Investigation of performance of the standards of GTO complex I–VI stage as a factor determining the physical preparedness of children, adolescents and student youth in Russian Federation 43

Lukichev K.E., Zurin E.A., Evseev A.S., Zembatov G.R. Analysis of activities carried out by the subjects of the Russian Federation, by improving the system of physical culture and sports with the strategy of the industry development strategy 48

Informatics in physical culture and in spоrt

Abalyan A.G., Germanov G.N., Fomichenko Т.G. Сomparative evaluation of the public activity of educational organizations of the higher education of the Russian Federation in the field of physical culture and sports 53

Works of young scientists

Sinichenko R.P., Shirkovets E.A., Rybina I.L., Tsibulsky A.A. Interdependence of data of functional testing and results of competitive activity of high qualification biathlonists at the stages of multi-year preparation 60
Skvorchevskaya N.S. Aerobic fitness of elite middle and long-distance runners 66

Information about authors 71

Guidelines for authors 73

On your bookshelf 74


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